Leadership Development Boot Camp


Starts April 18, 2022

As you assume your first leadership role – whether you are hired, promoted, or preparing – 2RL will provide you with education, training, and experiences to build the unique Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, & Experiences for your ensured leadership success.

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Leadership Development Bootcamp

Leadership Development is best accomplished over time. 2RL’s 12-Week Leadership Development Boot Camp provides just that – accelerated, in-depth leadership development that builds a unique “House of Leadership” for each participant- founded on leadership ad supported by the four pillars of Principles; Technical, Cognitive, and Emotional Alignment; Work, Family, and Self Balance; and 30-Year Vision. This leadership development program will be tied but not limited to the inter-generational scope. Additionally, we will explore the twelve courageous characteristics drawn from our own experience and study. Included in this course is a rich examination of the following courageous characteristics:

  • Courageous; 
  • Principled; 
  • Technically, Cognitively, & Emotionally Aligned; 
  • Work, Family, & Self Balanced; 
  • Visionary; 
  • Humble; 
  • Powerful; 
  • Bold; 
  • Driven; 
  • Charismatic; 
  • Unreasonable; 
  • Lifelong Learning 

Each courageous characteristic is methodically explained and developed. Then, we present a specific developmental plan of action to help you learn, accept, and develop each characteristic in your own lives. Any person or organization can adopt these courageous characteristics to achieve their goals.  

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