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2RL specializes in Leadership Development, Coaching and Organizational Development, Course Curriculum Development and Design, and Training and Management to our Government and Private Sector Partner-Clients to broaden and deepen your leadership bench at both the individual and organizational levels.

2RL’s solutions balance our design, delivery, and integration across the Art and Science of Management and Leadership for our clients. Our tried and tested development approach, successfully delivered to thousands of DoD and civilian customers for many years, resides at the intersection of Scholarship, Method, & Practice as shown below.

2RL adheres to the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) model in designing and implementing training and other materials. 2RL is well-versed in designing or developing curricula and/or learning support systems, providing teaching, lecturing, instruction, facilitation of discussions in seminars, and conducting scholarly research. Over the years, and across engagements, 2RL has customized the ADDIE Model to meet the needs of our broad range of customers. The ADDIE model, illustrated below, is a proven process used throughout our portfolio of learning opportunities.

Phases of the ADDIE Model:

  • Analyze: Conducted iterative assessment meetings with Stakeholders to determine target audience, needs analysis and development outcomes.
  • Design: Develop a framework and strategy for meeting the learning outcomes and a draft design. Leverage existing solutions (courses, workshops, webinars) when possible to reduce development and implementation time and be more cost effective.
  • Develop: Fine-tune the design, create the learning materials, identify proper environment/facility setting that best support the outcomes, coordinate all facets of the effort with leadership.
  • Implement: Prepare the right faculty and implement the learning opportunity, fully engaging the participants using adult learning methods and monitoring each module/session for outcome achievement.
  • Evaluate: Conduct evaluations through surveys, hot washes and meetings with leaders. Evaluation is also baked into each phase of the model.

2Rl’s instructional designers and facilitators incorporate many styles of learning and understand and employ the strengths of both experiential and theoretical learning. We employ current theories and methodologies in Adult Learning such as Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory and Bloom’s Taxonomy to ensure that content engages as many learning styles as possible in as active a manner as is practical.

As part of the ADDIE process, we reference the “Learning Pyramid” and apply retention level considerations into the Analyze and Design steps as depicted to the right. This reference helps inform the instructional methods applied to the content. The vast majority of training sessions trend toward the “Active” scale through discussions, simulations, case studies, and practicing the skills; use all learning styles to include Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic; and address each of the learning domains: cognitive, affective and behavioral.

Adult Learning considerations are baked into workshop development. Key principles are illustrated below. It is critical to integrate these principles into the design, development, and implementation steps of the process.  Each of our facilitators is well-versed and highly experienced in leveraging the participants expectations and motivations.


  • Intrinsically motivated and self-directed.
  • Tend to be goal-oriented, relevancy oriented and practical.
  • Bring life experiences and knowledge that can be leveraged.
  • Prefer problem-centered and collaborative versus content-oriented and didactic.


  • Social relationships and networking.
  • External expectations – who sent them and why.
  • Better prepared to serve.
  • Personal advancement and achievement.
  • Stimulation/escape.
  • Cognitive interest/challenge.

We believe storytelling is an integral component of effective training, due to the way it maintains learner interest while simultaneously providing real-world scenarios where the concepts are being taught are applied. Where possible, 2RL’s curriculum incorporates firsthand experiences (gleaned from SMEs consulting on content) to enhance and expand on course content with real-world examples. 2RL Facilitators deliver instruction by design across three domains of learning:

  • Cognitive: Content knowledge and the development of intellectual skills. This incorporates the recall or recognition of specific facts and concepts that serve to develop intellectual abilities and skills.
  • Affective: Feelings, values, appreciation, enthusiasms, motivations, and attitudes.
  • Psychomotor: Physical movement, coordination, and use of the motor-skill areas.

Our training emphasizes applying learned concepts to real-world situations and mentoring teams and other employees in the concepts learned to promote the sharing of institutional knowledge. 2RL successfully uses both classroom and virtual formats to present leadership training for customers worldwide and understands how to effectively develop / facilitate courses using multiple formats.


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