Two Roads Leadership Coaching Services

2RL specializes in Leadership Development, Coaching and Organizational Development, Course Curriculum Development and Design, and Training and Management to our Government and Private Sector Partner-Clients.

2RL’s solutions balance our design, delivery, and integration across the Art and Science of Management and Leadership for our clients. Our tried and tested development approach, successfully delivered to thousands of DoD and civilian customers over many years, resides at the intersection of Scholarship, Method, & Practice as shown below.

Leadership Coaching provides Leaders with the opportunity to engage with an experienced coach, in a confidential setting, to problem solve their personal and professional challenges. These iterative sessions quickly become a coveted “can’t miss” event on the Leader’s calendar to engage in valuable, risk-free, non-judgmental dialogue they can’t have with anyone else.

2RL provides coaches at various experience and certification levels to meet your needs. All coaches are proven and certified (from basic certification to ICF-ACC, -PCC and -MCC levels) to deliver lasting impact.

The role of 2RL coaches is to function from an outsider’s point of view to help leaders seek the best, most effective solutions and lead with strategic passion and energy. Our coaches facilitate a process during which the leader receives insight about style and its impact on the organization within the context of their position. The coach guides the leader to explore opportunities for individual development, identifies alternate approaches to organization challenges, and provides access to developmental tools that may be useful to them. The goal of the coaching process is to identify and align the strengths of the leader with their personal and/or professional goals, addressing any areas for improvement.

2RL uses a proven 6-step process to execute the coaching experience. Our planning process and materials will be tailored to effectively work within your environmental context.

Step One. Define the overall requirements and focus areas in collaboration with you and/or your organization to ensure the coaching sessions achieve the desired results. This also includes program timing, scheduling participants, and senior leader engagement to communicate the program goals across the organization, as necessary. Senior leader engagement enhances the programs visibility, shares their vision, encourages participants and raters to be more responsive and thoughtful in their respective roles, and communicates the investment the organization is making in their people.

Step Two. Create specific goals and desired outcomes for the coaching engagement. These will be done in consultation and collaborations with you or your organization. While the goals are made public, the coaching conversations themselves are confidential.

Step Three. Preparing the coach and participant for the session. Our coaches pride themselves in being ready for the coaching engagement. They start with requesting background information on each participant such as their biography, previous development opportunities attended, other assessments taken, current job description, potential next job, organizational culture, and more.  This assists our coaches in building rapport and understanding the context in which the leader performs.

Step Four. This consists of the actual coaching conversations, assessments, exercises, readings, practices, and activities in service of the goals. 2RLhas an abundance of resources to engage the participants development, including readings, case studies, simulations, exercises, webinars, podcasts, courses, and workshops.

Step Five. Evaluation of the coaching engagement, goals achieved, and a plan for self-directed learning going forward.

Step Six. When coaching is provided across an organization, we check-in with the organization’s leaders/sponsors for feedback on progress being made at the individual and program level and plan forward.

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