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Train with our global 2RL-LCT “Courageous Coaching” cohort! Receive 125+ hours of ICF-Approved Live Coach Training – in one-hour sessions – three days per week – Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays. Receive or maintain your International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation.  $2487 list price discounted to $994 when bundled with our 30-Hour Boot Camp!

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2RL-Live Coach Training Sessions

Whether you are pursuing or maintaining your ICF Coaching Accreditation, you can join this Global Cohort to receive ICF-Accredited Live Coach Training.  Conducted every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday at 5:00PM Eastern USA Time / 7:00AM Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday in Sydney.

Two Roads Leadership offers our 2RL-125 as a year-round virtual coach training resource.

  • Earn your 2RL “Leadership Coach” Accreditation.
  • Join live 3 times per week and engage in world class coach training towards your coaching certification or renewal.
  • Access to all previous sessions asynchronously.
  • Self-paced. You choose the sessions to participate in or view to enhance your coaching skills.
  • Taught by ICF-Accredited instructors.
  • Learn ICF Core Values, Ethics and Core Competencies, coaching tools and techniques and more through case studies and coaching practice in dynamic sessions.
  • Gain credit for ICF CCEs, PMP PDUs, SHRM PDCs, and BCC CE hours.

Ideal for:

  • Coaches who want to continue developing their skills and/or renew their accreditations.
  • Leaders who want to earn a coaching accreditation and/or add coaching skills to their leadership skills.
  • Organizations which want to develop a “Coaching Culture” within their workforces.

Notional first 30 hour topics:

1 An Introduction to Coaching
2 An Introduction to Coaching 2
3 Learning to Coach: An Experiential Practice Model
4 Learning to Coach: An Experiential Practice Model 2
5 The Coaching Agreement
6 Coaching with Courage
7 ICF Core Values
8 ICF Code of Ethics
9 ICF Core Competencies
10 Powerful Questioning 1
11 Powerful Questioning 2
12 Powerful Questioning 3
13 Embodies a Coaching Mindset
14 Embodies a Coaching Mindset 2
15 Cultivating Trust and Safety
16 Coaching with Principles (30-5-1-Today)
17 Case Study: London Man (WFS)
18 Tools: POSDCORB
19 Cultivating Trust and Safety 2
20 Evokes Awareness
21 Evokes Awareness 2
22 Coaching with TCE Alignment
23 Case Study: Chicago Woman (Non-Profit)
24 Tools: The SMART Model
25 Demonstrating Ethical Practice
26 Demonstrating Ethical Practice 2
27 Establishes and Maintains Agreements
28 21Jun21: Coaching with WFS Balance
29 Case Study: Colorado Man (Voluntold)
30 Tools: The GROW model
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