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Our Philosophy

From the very beginning, Two Roads Leadership has envisioned a world in which individuals act with clarity, purpose, and passion, all in the name of a more vibrant and meaningful human ecology.

All too often we hear the hackneyed business creeds which argue that good business requires emotions to be suppressed in favor of a cold, calculated, and exclusively logical decisions-making process. We’re here to say that this is just plain wrong.

Two Roads Leadership’s philosophy starts with the belief that people are social, malleable creatures with the ability to transform. Globally, humanity’s vital engagement with art, music, fashion, nature, and of course one another should fundamentally question the assertion that a rigid definition of intelligence just won’t suffice when attempting to measure and grasp the breadth of human capability. Rather, we see people and their actions, business oriented or not, as a product of both rational and emotional processes (often simultaneously) and thus must be analyzed, understood, and cultivated through an accordant lens.

Our mission has been about helping both individuals and companies grow in directions that are aligned with their hopes, desires, goals, and dreams. Our founder, Dr. J.R Flatter, has dedicated himself to this pursuit, creating a robust series of leader development training programs that employ learn-by-doing and experiential methods to inspire growth, confidence, and self-awareness as well as help others unlock their true potential.

Our Method

Our approach emphasizes coaching as a collaborative peer-to-peer partnership between two or more consenting people where the coach facilitates learning. It is not so much about solving problems or making expert recommendations as it is about guiding individuals towards becoming leaders and coaches themselves, and helping them apply newly found skills in every aspect of their lives.

We also understand the importance of providing world-class leadership solutions in a variety of ways, and offer a range of diverse, custom tailored leadership and coaching courses to fit the needs of different individuals and firms. 

Our Promise 

At Two Roads Leadership, we promise to guide individuals and their passions to new heights through the application of personalized leader development courses. We know that all humans are entirely capable of achieving the goals they’ve set, and it’s at the core of our project to see them get there.

Through our proprietary series of leader development programs, coaching certifications, and coaching services, we accomplish the following:

  • Create a high performance team through situational insight
  • Help individuals develop strong self awareness
  • Enrich the coaching experience
  • Empower individuals to learn new skills
  • Inspire empathy and communication 
  • Achieve full communal loyalty and commitment
  • Set achievable targets and goals 
  • Encourage self-regulation, confidence, empathy, and a desire to serve others
  • Overcome setbacks and problems with internal competition
  • Ignite personal and communal growth
  • Breed happier and healthier work environments
  • Celebrate success

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Flatter, Inc. Corporate Headquarters

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