Do you know someone who has identified your potential and used their skills to help you explore and develop your own? If yes, you are fortunate enough to have found an exemplary leadership coach. The presence of such a person makes a profound impact on your surroundings, whether on a personal or professional level. The reality is that most people would prefer working under a manager who acts as a coach rather than with one who believes in directing or dictating. Since we strongly believe in the power of a good leadership coach, we can now explore and highlight how to know if you have the right one.

What Makes the Right Leadership Coach?

There is no solid blueprint for the perfect leadership coach since they all have strengths and weaknesses. However, the right leadership coach will have some distinct qualities that set them aside from the others.

As you read the list below, it will be much easier to determine if you are under the right coaching program supporting results-oriented goals for your personal and professional growth.

Communication and Listening Skills

The right coach possesses communication skills and actively pays attention to their client’s specific needs. They focus on the needs of the client’s business or whatever their specified need for coaching is and respond accordingly. They will also bring a unique perspective from their years of experience while letting individuals and business leaders grow organically.

Business Experience

With the right leadership coach, they capitalize on their experience and knowledge to allow the professional to discover issues inhibiting their potential. They listen to a problem and explain what they have seen in the past, then explore various solutions to solve these issues. They do not make decisions on your behalf; instead, they guide you toward a better decision-making process based on their business understanding.

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership coaches are intelligent and logical people who have mastered the art of managing a business by theory and data. The right one will possess a wide range of interpersonal relationship skills, see first-hand what makes specific individuals tick, and find ways to help people work together. They will also effectively synergize complicated interpersonal situations since they have transitioned through many similar experiences that one can only gain through trial and error.

Real-World Teaching

A leadership coach will use their experience as influential teachers. They will incorporate stories of their own experiences to guide business leaders and professionals to help prevent them from making mistakes and experiencing needless failures in the future.


Often, business leaders or professionals get confused about their goals and purpose. The right leadership coach helps them focus on the proper objectives the business needs. A skilled coach will always think about the betterment of the organization and the people. They help them through tough times and hold them accountable to meet or even exceed their goals.

Committed to Your Success

What do Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates share? Besides their years of continuous success and riches, they are all genuinely committed to the process of learning, self-improvement, and reading.

Like many hugely successful leaders, the right leadership coach never stops seeking knowledge and learning. They always read, study and speak with other well-informed people so they can remain at the top of their game. They are ever-evolving genuinely interested in the success of a business. Seeking continuous knowledge will help the business leaders and professionals grow.


The right leadership coach is always well prepared to speak and face any situation. They are ready for each session with information, ideas, and examples. Since they are well trained in advance, they have a robust agenda for each session to lead towards the right direction.


The right leadership coach delegates power and respect to the mentees; this helps retain their trust. Some coaches believe in the idea of “tough love,” while others may take a more relaxed approach, but all good leadership coaches will have respect for their mentees. Disrespect and resentment have no place in an effective coaching environment.


The right coach is always solution-oriented. Instead of only seeing challenges and obstacles, they view the positivity in the situation and suggest alternatives to resolve the problems. They will also encourage others to come up with better routes. Their sole goal is to help solve any issues with the best possible solution.

Support & Assistance

Professional development is an ongoing team effort. It is never wise to let employees’ figure everything out independently. The right leadership coach never stops providing support assistance in real-life situations and is always there to help overcome obstacles they may be facing.

Final Thoughts

Having the right leadership coach is very important. You will explore limitless opportunities and solutions while developing yourself personally and professionally. If you have the right coach in your life, you are on the path to seeing a measurable difference and increasing your chance for success for both you and your business.

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