Among the infinite leadership competencies, Vision is the most often mentioned throughout leadership literature. In many ways, Vision is what can separate you as a leader if you are willing and able to project a Vision, years into the future, and then take actions daily to fulfill that vision.   

Here are four lessons I learned from creating and fulfilling my leadership Vision: 

  • You Must Get Out of Your Inbox:  Across your Work·Family·Self balance, you must allocate sufficient time to accomplishing tasks beyond the day-to-day.  Of course, your daily responsibilities are infinite, but so are everyone else’s.   
  • Plan 30-5-1-Today:  Lay out a thirty-year Vision identifying what you want to accomplish with your life! Then set five-year goals that will set you on the path to your 30-year Vision. And then set one-year objectives that will get you to your five-year goals. And finally, most importantly, identify what absolutely must be done today- and don’t go to sleep tonight until you have completed it! 
  • Life will Happen: Almost certainly, significant unplanned events will happen in your life! Therefore, your Vision must permit life to happen without derailing your Vision. As these unplanned events occur, adjust your goals and objectives, while still keeping yourself on track for your long-term Vision.   
  • Find Joy in your Life Every Day:   Even when you have your head down and are pushing as hard as you can on the grindstone, find joy in your life every day- for the journey is as important as the destination. 

I hope these lessons learned help you find and achieve your Vision.  Keep in touch and let me know what you think! ?  

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