Per Edmund Burke’s famous quote – “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good (leaders) to do nothing.” As power always fills a void, if you don’t fill your world with your powerful leadership, someone else will, and they may not be the leader you want or need.   

Here are four lessons I learned from creating, collecting, and using Courageous Leadership Power: 

  • Leadership & Tyranny are Mutually Exclusive:  Power in the hands of a leader is a beautiful thing! Power in the hands of a tyrant is evil.  If you begin managing through tyranny, you have abandoned leadership. 
  • Unapologetically Create, Collect, and Use Power: Leadership Power is the only tool we leaders have to get our teams to do what we want and need to fulfill our Courageous Leadership Vision. Therefore, unapologetically create, collect, and use Leadership Power, in all its forms (Position Power, Information Power, Relationship Power, Reward Power, Coercive Power, & Referent Power), at the appropriate times.   
  • Referent Power is the Only Power that Increases: Referent Power, defined as “… following someone because you believe in their Vision and want to go there with them…” grows over time, whereas all other forms of Power quickly fade! You can only say “because I am the Boss, that’s why!” for so long; information Power dissipates as soon as you share the information; relationship Power fades as soon as you introduce two strangers; and your team becomes numb to coercive Power very quickly.  
  • Power is given to the Leader by the Follower: Regardless of the type of Power, it is always voluntarily given from the Follower to the Leader. With Position Power, the Follower must volunteer to abide by the org chart; with coercive power, the Follower must volunteer to avoid the potential coercion; with Referent power, the Follower volunteers to respect and follow the Leader.   

I hope these lessons learned help you create, collect, and use your Courageous Leadership Power.  Keep in touch and let me know what you think! ?  

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