Lao Tzu, the Chinese founder of Taoism, famously said: 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 

I challenge you to take your first steps on your lifelong journey of leading, learning, and developing.  Here are four lessons I learned from my own journey of lifelong learning: 

  • Seeking Leadership Excellence is a Noble Pursuit: As we stated at the beginning of our journey together, none of us is a perfect leader.  But seeking leadership excellence across your lifetime is nonetheless a worthwhile and noble pursuit.  Continue to do so – unapologetically! You owe it to yourself, your significant others, and those who volunteer to follow you.   
  • Continue Investing in Your Own Human Capital:  One of the investment tricks I learned many years ago is the “Rule of 72” – which tells you by dividing a certain growth rate into the number 72, how long it will take for an investment to double in size.  For example, if you grow your leadership “capital” by 10% each year, your abilities will double in just 7.2 years.  Imagine that kind of leadership growth over your lifetime.  With consistent investment, you can literally reinvent yourself several times over your lifetime.   
  • Develop Others: Everyone you know wants, needs, and deserves your leadership! Likewise, everyone you know wants needs and deserves your leadership development. Purposefully accept developing others as a lifelong obligation of your Courageous Leadership. Mentor, Coach, Demonstrate, Educate, & Train… Start and sustain a leadership development program everywhere you lead – at work, at church, on your soccer team…   
  • Revisit your “House of Leadership” Regularly:  Over these past several months, if you have followed our journey together, you have drafted your Principles; looked at your Technical, Cognitive, & Emotional Alignment; reviewed your Work, Family, & Self Balance; Envisioned your thirty-year goals & objectives; and developed enabling leadership characteristics. Revisit these pillars and characteristics regularly.  Ensure they remain consistent with your demonstrated actions.  Maintain their alignment and balance with your life as it unfolds.   

I hope these lessons learned provide some measure of clarity on your lifelong path forward.  Keep in touch – and let me know what you think! ? 

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