Average levels of action will give you, at best, average results. If you want to achieve above-average outcomes, you must contribute above-average inputs.  However, to achieve “Break-Out” outcomes that are worthy of your life-long commitment to Courageous Leadership, you must contribute sustained inputs that are consistently multiple times greater than the average – i.e. you must be Driven!

Here are four lessons I learned from being a Driven Courageous Leader: 

  • Drive Often Separates Average from Excellent: We are about as smart as we are ever going to be the day we are born… We can get educated; we can gain experiences; but the synapses are popping about as fast as they are going to pop the day we are born.  Therefore, those of us born with normal levels of smartness can make up for our less-than-Mensa IQs with higher levels of Drive.  We can out-grind, out-hustle, and out-perform with Drive!!! 
  • Drive Must Come from Within:  You must choose to be Driven – no one can give it to you. Mentors can awaken your Drive; Significant Others can nurture your Drive; but you must choose for yourself whether you are Driven! 
  • Drive Requires Training & Maintenance:  Most of us must train for months to successfully run a marathon.  And we maintain our conditioning as a way of life! Likewise, we must also train and maintain our minds and bodies to successfully live a healthy, sustainable, Driven life. Build your Vision and then build your mind and body to sustain the Drive necessary to achieve that Vision.  And take maintenance (vacations) breaks – we don’t expect to run a marathon every week!   
  • Drive is a Blessing, but… it can also be a curse if uncontrolled. If you get to your goals alone, you have not won! If you get there broken, you have not won! Balance your Drive with Work-Family-Self; align your Drive with your personal and professional Vision.

I hope these lessons learned help you create, collect, and use your Courageous Leadership Drive.  Keep in touch and let me know what you think! ?  

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