Charisma, defined as, “a compelling attractiveness that inspires action in others” is a very powerful and desired leadership characteristic. Some of you may wonder about Charisma being on a list of essential leadership characteristics – given that charismatic figures from history have done horrible things. But, I strongly differentiate Tyrants from Leaders! Because the moment you become tyrannical, as many charismatic figures from history have, you abandon leadership! 

Here are four lessons I learned from being a Charismatic Courageous Leader:

  • Everyone wants, needs, and deserves your Charismatic Leadership: Our lives are filled with endless personal and professional challenges – both big and small. To lead us through these challenges, we want, need, and deserve charismatic leaders – to inspire us; to encourage us; and to love us. You have decided you have both the willingness and ability to be a Courageous Leader. Therefore, charismatically and unapologetically, deliver that leadership (love) to us! Fill every room you enter with your leadership! Fill our lives with your energy! 
  • Leadership Charisma is stronger than Celebrity Charisma: Most of us know of actors, athletes, and/or politicians that are considered “charismatic.” But that kind of immediate, superficial charisma is NOT what we are talking about with Courageous leaders. In our lives, Courageous Leadership charisma is conveyed upon us FROM our teams through strong, deep emotions – and is earned only over time through our demonstrated genuine interest in their well-being and success. 
  • Demonstrate Courageous Leadership and you will be known as Charismatic: In fear of introducing a “chicken-or-egg” riddle of which comes first, I will nonetheless state that if you courageously demonstrate the leadership characteristics from your house of courageous leadership, you will become known as a charismatic leader. Be Principled; align your TCE; balance your WFS; and be Visionary… and you will develop “a compelling attractiveness that inspires action in others!” Demonstrate humility, power, boldness, and drive… and you will be known and viewed as Charismatic! 
  • Accept and Fulfill this critical leadership role: As with the other Courageous Leadership characteristics, to truly be charismatic, you must first accept Charisma as a valid and useful characteristic; accept it as a responsibility of your leadership; and completely fulfill the role in action and deed. Be THAT leader that everyone wants to hear; everyone wants to see; and with whom everyone wants to work!

I hope these lessons learned help you create, collect, and use your Courageous Leadership Charisma. Keep in touch and let me know what you think! ?

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