If you can muster the willingness and ability to lead boldly, it will separate you from the pack!  Here are four lessons I learned from being a Bold Courageous Leader: 

  • You are in the Arena – Embrace it Boldly:  To borrow the theme from President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous speech, if you have volunteered to lead courageously, then you are in the arena! Embrace that reality with boldness! Put the naysayers in the nose-bleed seats and keep your supporters in the front row.   
  • ALL Decisions Require a Bold Leap of Faith: You will NEVER have all the information you want or need to make a completely informed decision. Regardless of the amount of data you collect, and the quality of your analysis of that data, you will still need to take a bold leap of faith – and make the decision. And then do it again! And again!   
  • Boldness Requires Discomfort:  Being a bold courageous leader requires bravely pushing yourself outside of your comfort zones- and often. As you set your goals and objectives, you can tell if they are sufficiently stretch, if they cause butterflies in your stomach. And your goals are sufficiently stretch if they are boldly focused on the outer limits of achievability.   
  • An OK Plan Executed with Boldness – is exponentially better than either a perfect plan that is never created or a good plan that is executed half-heartedly!  Collect your data within the time you have, decide among the viable courses of action given your known constraints, and then execute the decided action with absolute enthusiasm.

I hope these lessons learned help you create, collect, and use your Leadership Power.  Keep in touch and let me know what you think! ?  

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