We are always finding new ways to engage and live with emerging technologies. This is true in our personal lives, and professional lives. Gone are the days of letters and paper certificates. Today with companies like Credly, you can present essential information and competence through your online presence. But can a digital badge really verify real-life credentials?

How do you display your Credly Badge on LinkedIn? Follow these simple steps:

Log into the Credly dashboard and click the badge you want to display. Click on the blue “Share” button.

• If you haven’t already done so, then connect your LinkedIn account to Credly by signing in and allowing access.

• You will have the options to “Add to Profile” and “Share to Feed”. Select the options you’d like to do, and click “Share to LinkedIn

• A brand-new window will open with a form containing your badge information. Verify that it is correct and click Save.

After you complete these steps, your badge will display in the “License and Certification” area of your profile. The logo from the organization that issued your badge will appear next to the badge information.


Sometimes, even in an ever-evolving digital age, mistakes happen. If your badge is not displaying correctly, or if some of the information is wrong or outdated, it’s very simple to fix the problem and display the correct information.

First, ensure that the badge information is correctly displayed in the Credly dashboard. If the information is incorrect there and in the email where you initially accepted the badge, then you may need to contact the issuing organization. If everything is correct on the dashboard, and only your LinkedIn display is wrong, then you can quickly fix it.

From LinkedIn, click on the edit button next to your badge. When the box that appears, scroll down to delete. This will remove the badge entirely from your LinkedIn display. You can also remove it from your newsfeed by locating the post and following the same steps. Once the badge with incorrect information is gone, follow the above steps to re-share your badge after verifying that the information is correct.


The convenience of displaying your badge on your LinkedIn profile allows colleagues and prospective clients to understand the full scope of your credentials by viewing the full story of your accomplishments in one little online space. Your badge isn’t simply a display. It acts as a verifiable document that gives you professional legitimacy. But how will it appear on your LinkedIn profile?

As mentioned above, there are two ways to display your badge on your LinkedIn profile – on your newsfeed or your profile. Being a social media space, LinkedIn allows the option for others to comment and congratulate you for obtaining your badge if you post it on your newsfeed. This is an excellent way to celebrate your accomplishment.

When you add it directly to your profile, it becomes a permanent display on your virtual resume. It appears within the License and Credential section of the page, making it easy for potential clients to see. One thing to note, is that LinkedIn will only show the title and company logo of the badge. To review the details, you can click on the “See Credentials” link, and you’ll be taken to the Credly page where all further clarifying information is present.


Earning a certification in your field is no easy task. Often, it takes many hours, lots of study, and money to achieve this. Your badge represents the blood, sweat, and tears that went into becoming a true professional in your field, and with today’s technology, displaying that badge is easier than ever.

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