The modern world is busier, faster, and more complex than ever. Nowhere is truer than in business, where professional environments and cultures are fast-paced and constantly morphing. In order to keep up, most managers need to embody two distinct roles. First is the standard role they play in a business: they must be able to execute traditional duties, such as task administration, planning, and organizational oversight. The second is being the leader that a business needs. In order to accomplish these effectively, they must show leadership skills that go above and beyond.

Here are Two Road Leadership’s five secrets to help you master the art and science of leadership and become a compelling, compassionate leader.

Communicate Authentically

It’s little secret that good leaders spend the majority of their time in interpersonal situations. A strong leader commits to a communication style that addresses issues head-on openly, freely, and oftenly. The ability to do this will not only encourage others to do the same, it will also prevent snags or poor communication that are often at the heart of workplace dysfunctions.

With the proper leadership coaching, you will be able to communicate effectively.


Good leaders know when to speak up, and when not to. Part of the ability to communicate the right messages in the right ways means knowing who you are conveying them too, and how they are feeling. Lecturing or monologuing information ad nauseam is far less likely to produce results than encouraging a personalized dialogue by exercising your listening skills.

Give Credit Where It’s Due

There are few better ways to breed distrust and resentment between a leader and their team than to consistently fail to award credit or acknowledge success. Conversely, leaders excell who can empathetically and genuinely recognize the value of their group, both as an organism and a collection of individuals. 

Delegate Authority

Leadership coaching will teach you that authority is important, but it’s not always necessary to exercise it. 

Successful leaders know that deputizing their team members with a certain amount of responsibility frees up their brains to tackle more complicated problems, sews trust between them and the people that work for them, and acknowledges that there may be people in the organization that are best qualified to make decisions on certain issues.

Ask For Feedback

Quality leadership does not and cannot occur in a vacuum. Ultimately, a great leader learns from the experience of leading, and must be open to the direct critiques and concerns of those they are leading. A dose of humility is far more likely to improve leadership skills than a dose of hubris. 

Find The Leader In You With Two Roads Leadership Coaching

Two Roads Leadership offers a dynamic range of coaching certification and leadership development programs intended to enhance leadership faculties in ways that reflect upon both individuals and the organizations they serve.

With over two decades of experience, our founder Dr. J.R Flatter has spent years dedicating himself to giving the gift of confidence to people to be the person that they are and to believe they can reach whatever it is that they seek.Visit our contact page or call us at (540) 658-1922 today.

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