Sometimes an organization must think on its feet and find ad-hoc solutions to pressing issues. However, one that relies exclusively on just-in-time fixes is doomed to sink eventually.

That’s where a 30-year business plan comes in. Truly, there are few better things one can do for a burgeoning business. Which is why one must put in the legwork to envision a future where their business is successful, solvent, and effectively leaded.

Unconvinced? Here are TRL’s 5 reasons why.

It Will Help You Generate Set Strong Goals And a Clear Vision

The great E.M Forster once wrote, “How do I know what I think until I see what I say”. In essence, he meant that discussion and documentation can increase the quality of our thinking and make those thoughts more actionable. 

A central reason to build a 30-year business plan is to promote the kind of active thinking and shrewd perception that strong visions and clear goals are made of.

It Will Help Your Team Focus Their Efforts

An effective team is a team that knows where their efforts should be placed and where those efforts are leading their organization. A 30-year plan will give your employees the scope needed to see the bigger picture of their day to day endeavors. Moreover, it will provide them with the resolve needed to invest themselves and their best potentials, each and every step of the way.

It Will Guide You in Both Personal And Professional Matters

The expansive scope of a 30-year plan allows for you to build the architectures of both personal and professional life choices simultaneously. The ability to do this is critical when in a leadership role, since quality leadership begins with the ability to self-reflect and grow.

It Will Prepare You For The Unexpected

It’s all but guaranteed that, during its lifespan, a business will experience unforeseen circumstances that are, by and large, out of its control. 

The ability to assert agency lies in how prepared a business is to handle unexpected issues. Building a 30 plan gives you the chance to run risk-free scenarios in which things go sideways and a creative solution is needed quickly.

It Will Make You Think Outside The Box

Through the processes of brainstorming, white-boarding, and problem-solving that are essential in generating a 30-year business plan, it’s all but certain that your business will be cast in a different light. You’ll have arrived at a different vantage that primes you for thinking creatively and reframing the way you operate. 

The ability to formulate these sorts of ideas, along with the ability to enact them, is what often distinguishes businesses that fail or barely survive from the ones that grow and continue to thrive.

Build a Future of Success Through Two Roads Leadership

Two Roads Leadership is founded on the belief that leadership is not granted but earned. We offer various coaching certification and leadership development programs intended to enhance leadership faculties in ways that reflect this core value. 

With over two decades of experience, our founder Dr. J.R Flatter has spent years dedicating himself to giving the gift of confidence to people to be the person that they are and to believe they can reach whatever it is that they seek.Visit our contact page or call us at (540) 658-1922 today.

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